Designation of the accommodation Number Carpet area in sq.mts.

Sr.No. Infrastructure Area
1 Assembly Hall  Lecture Hall 2000Sq. mts.
2 Principal’s Office  350 sq.ft
3 College Office  300 sq.ft
4 Lecture Hall  2000sq.ft
5 Laboratories Information about the laboratories is given in the form prescribed by the University vide Appendix -  V
6 Tutorials rooms 06 - 550 sq.ft. each
7 Rooms for Heads of Departments 550 sq.ft
8 Teachers’ Common Room 300 sq.ft.
9 Common Room for Men Students 300 sq.ft.
10 Common Room for Women Students 1+1   9000 sq.ft.
11 Library and Reading Room
12 Sanitary arrangements for men Students Units Location
13 Sanitary arrangements for Women Students Unit location
14 Sanitary arrangement for Teaching staff Units Location
15 Halls for Indoor games One
16 Canteen – Area in sq.mts. 500 sq.ft
17 Co-operative Store – Area in sq. mts. 300sq.ft
18 Other Rooms and then purpose for which they are to be used Facility room store room for sanitary